Human resource person will ask questions to every job seekers before hiring, to judge their personality and whether he or she shouldn’t make any uncertainty within organization in future. These questions will be easy and is related to your personality. But be careful, as it will decide your future.

Following are some HR questions will help in accessing Job Seekers personality;

1-      How you manage work load?

2-      If you have any issue with your co-employee then what you will do?

3-      If you ask for late sitting then what will be your reaction?

4-      If you are going to hire someone then what attributes would you label as being the most enviable and why?

5-      What’s your highest achievement?

6-      What’s your strategy to deal with annoying people?

7-      How you will maintain a relation with your colleagues?

8-      How you can express creativity in your life?

9-      Where you love to spend your time?

10-   What are the characteristics you love to be in your boss, manager or CEO?

11-   If someone is on wrong way then how you guide him/her?

12-   What is your life style?

13-   Are you participate in social work if yes then why?

14-   When you are comfortable to work, within team or individual?

15-   How you describe yourself as a good leader?

16-   How quick you are making a decision?

17-   How often you trust on others?

18-   How you compete with your competitor colleague?

19-   Are you friendly?

20-   What you do when you are sad?

21-   How you spend your spare time?

22-   Things which disturb you?

23-   Which things keep you happy?

24-   How you judge a person?

25-   What are your strengths?

26-   Discuss your weaknesses?

27-   Why you leaving your current Job?

28-   Can you tell us something about your previous job?

29-   How long you will work for us?

30-   What’s your current salary?

31-   What’s your expected salary?

32-   Would you like to ask something?

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